Welcome to UNPM.org!

Welcome to UNPM.org, a site dedicated to helping novice and enthusiast sysadmins. Obligatory meme:XzibitUNPM.org exists to help out enthusiast sysadmins who want to explore being a sysadmin as a hobby, don’t have the time to properly sharpen or learn all of the skills required for professionals, yet don’t want to become Cargo Cult Admins.

UNPM.org hopes to accomplish this goal by providing a baseline system for an enthusiast to operate from. For an enthusiast, the specific operating system, web server software, and peripherals used are less important than just finding a solid place to start from and then gain an understanding of the principles involved. Though professional sysadmins can certainly explain important differences in various *nix operating systems, these differences will hardly matter for the enthusiast. What will matter more for the enthusiast is seeing how the operating system and server packages are used by actually using them.

So when UNPM describes the packages in the platform (Ubuntu, nginx, PHP, and MariaDB), it isn’t claiming that this is anything other than a useful place for an enthusiast to start because many of the basic principles of server administration can be learned by going through the tutorials.

What makes this a particularly useful platform to start on is that all of the enthusiasts using it can collectively solve a great number of problems more reliably than if each was using some other configuration. For the enthusiast, a substantial amount of time can be spent just trying to find an answer to problems that, from the perspective of a professional, are quite basic. Many of the forums and Q&A sites can be difficult to get answers from as professionals typically don’t want to deal with novices and novice forums are usually overloaded with questions while being sparse on answers. Many novices are so far out of their realm they don’t even realize that what they are trying to accomplish is not feasible with the tool they are asking about, and the tool needed to do the job would require someone to spend 6+ hours explaining how to get things set up to the point where they can work on their achieving the stated goal.

An additional feature of the site is that it is created by an enthusiast. There are certainly drawbacks to this, but for understanding many of the basics, the articles are written with a better understanding of how to communicate to someone who isn’t a professional.

All of the tutorials are located in the UNPM Wiki and a good place to start is with the Why host your own? article.

Comments and questions are welcomed.