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Sample /etc/whois.conf for updating TLDs available through the whois command. Information obtained from

Note that some registrars, such as GoDaddy, make whois queries somewhat more difficult. It may be better to comment out using # (the space is required after the #) some TLDs, such as .com and .net, so that the default whois query settings are applied (note that there are no commented lines in the below sample file).

For convenience, may be used to download the below code in a single file (e.g., sudo wget -P /etc/, use --no-check-certificate for older versions of wget that do not support SNI).

# WHOIS servers for new TLDs (
# Current as of 2021-01-30 13:59 UTC

\.xn--11b4c3d$ whois.nic.xn--11b4c3d
\.xn--3oq18vl8pn36a$ whois.nic.xn--3oq18vl8pn36a
\.xn--3pxu8k$ whois.nic.xn--3pxu8k
\.xn--42c2d9a$ whois.nic.xn--42c2d9a
\.xn--45q11c$ whois.nic.xn--45q11c
\.xn--5su34j936bgsg$ whois.nic.xn--5su34j936bgsg
\.xn--5tzm5g$ whois.nic.xn--5tzm5g
\.xn--80adxhks$ whois.nic.xn--80adxhks
\.xn--80aqecdr1a$ whois.nic.xn--80aqecdr1a
\.xn--80asehdb$ whois.nic.xn--80asehdb
\.xn--80aswg$ whois.nic.xn--80aswg
\.xn--8y0a063a$ whois.nic.xn--8y0a063a
\.xn--9dbq2a$ whois.nic.xn--9dbq2a
\.xn--9krt00a$ whois.nic.xn--9krt00a
\.xn--c2br7g$ whois.nic.xn--c2br7g
\.xn--cckwcxetd$ whois.nic.xn--cckwcxetd
\.xn--czrs0t$ whois.nic.xn--czrs0t
\.xn--d1acj3b$ whois.nic.xn--d1acj3b
\.xn--efvy88h$ whois.nic.xn--efvy88h
\.xn--estv75g$ whois.nic.xn--estv75g
\.xn--fhbei$ whois.nic.xn--fhbei
\.xn--fjq720a$ whois.nic.xn--fjq720a
\.xn--fzys8d69uvgm$ whois.nic.xn--fzys8d69uvgm
\.xn--hxt814e$ whois.nic.xn--hxt814e
\.xn--j1aef$ whois.nic.xn--j1aef
\.xn--jlq480n2rg$ whois.nic.xn--jlq480n2rg
\.xn--jlq61u9w7b$ whois.nic.xn--jlq61u9w7b
\.xn--kcrx77d1x4a$ whois.nic.xn--kcrx77d1x4a
\.xn--kput3i$ whois.nic.xn--kput3i
\.xn--mgba7c0bbn0a$ whois.nic.xn--mgba7c0bbn0a
\.xn--mgbab2bd$ whois.nic.xn--mgbab2bd
\.xn--mgbca7dzdo$ whois.nic.xn--mgbca7dzdo
\.xn--mgbi4ecexp$ whois.nic.xn--mgbi4ecexp
\.xn--mgbt3dhd$ whois.nic.xn--mgbt3dhd
\.xn--mk1bu44c$ whois.nic.xn--mk1bu44c
\.xn--mxtq1m$ whois.nic.xn--mxtq1m
\.xn--ngbc5azd$ whois.nic.xn--ngbc5azd
\.xn--ngbe9e0a$ whois.nic.xn--ngbe9e0a
\.xn--ngbrx$ whois.nic.xn--ngbrx
\.xn--nqv7fs00ema$ whois.nic.xn--nqv7fs00ema
\.xn--p1acf$ whois.nic.xn--p1acf
\.xn--pssy2u$ whois.nic.xn--pssy2u
\.xn--ses554g$ whois.nic.xn--ses554g
\.xn--t60b56a$ whois.nic.xn--t60b56a
\.xn--tckwe$ whois.nic.xn--tckwe
\.xn--tiq49xqyj$ whois.nic.xn--tiq49xqyj
\.xn--unup4y$ whois.nic.xn--unup4y
\.xn--vermgensberater-ctb$ whois.nic.xn--vermgensberater-ctb
\.xn--vermgensberatung-pwb$ whois.nic.xn--vermgensberatung-pwb
\.xn--vhquv$ whois.nic.xn--vhquv
\.xn--w4r85el8fhu5dnra$ whois.nic.xn--w4r85el8fhu5dnra
\.xn--w4rs40l$ whois.nic.xn--w4rs40l